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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Templates for Blogger

More free templates will be coming soon.

For now you can check out the Pink Templates for October Breast Cancer awareness.

Here are the Pink For October Free Blogger Templates.
Email me if you need help.
  • Pink Template 1

  • Pink Template 2

  • Pink Template 3

  • Pink Template 4

  • Pink Template 5

  • Pink Template 6

  • Pink Template 7

  • Pink Template 8

  • Pink Template 9
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    Sunday, December 23, 2007

    Musical Theme Templates

    This is a free classic blogger template designed specially for men.
    The theme for this template is rock and roll.

    For detailed instructions * with pictures * on how to use this template ( revert to old blogger ) go to

    Or using Blogger revert to classic blogger dashboard. Follow these steps to revert back to classic blogger template.

    ** Don't forget to copy your links to notepad because you will have to add them manually once you change the template **

    From the new beta blogger dashboard
    Click Template
    Click Edit HTML
    Click the Revert to Classic Template button (located under the template window)
    Click Okay when prompted
    Delete everything inside the template window and copy paste the new template from notepad into the window.
    Click Preview to make sure that the template is what you want.
    Click Save Template Changes

    Now you can make modifications to the template and add your links.

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